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About Us

Jiangmen Wahrheits Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in September 2016, was founded in June 2003 hot melt adhesive spraying equipment supplier and “WAHRHEITS” high-end supporting Manufacturing factory. We have been committed to the melter research,development,production and sales. The whole series of products are certified by the European Community CE for ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.




VN Multipurpose Continuous Spray Head
MC Suck-back Continuous Intermittent Slot Die Coating Head
C10 Melter with Innovative Intelligent Temperature Control System
P28 PLUS Adhesive Melter with High-Precision Control System

product details

1、Allow to joint gun body, to meet different requirements of spray adhesive width.

2、Replaceable nozzle, widely used.

3、Spray adhesive refined and even.

4、High adhesive strength.


product details

1、A new series slot die coating head, satisfying full and intermittent applications.

2、New module design, better uniform coating.

3、High speed and accurate intermittent effects

4、Quick replace coating lips and modules.

5、Reasonable coated nozzle structure, reduce the residual glue, super coating effect.

6、Rapid replacement of different width of blade to adjust the width of the fractioning quickly.


product details

1、Adjust PID parameters according to different types of glue and environmental temperature.

2、One-click to start up or shutdown main power supply of the heater.

3、More external functions; one-click heat preservation,fault alarm.

4、Rotation speed of motors and gear pumps are 5 segments linear adjustment.

5、Real-time displays the speed of production line.

6、Automatic output linear adjustment.

7、Precise display motor rotation speed, can up to 0.1 RPM.


product details

1、Automatic startup or shutdown option.

2、One-click heat preservation.

3、P.I.D. temperature user-defined.

4、Production line and device synchronous linkage function.

5、The ready signal output.

6、7 days working timing control.

7、Rotation speed of motors and gear pumps are multistage linear adjustment.

8、Shortcut inching interface.

9、Each temperature zone allows user-defined heating order.






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