The highest speed hot melt adhesive spraying equipment manufacturer in China

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Since 2018, the rubber machine produced by Jiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. has cooperated with the machinery factory to run the production line of diapers and pull pants at a speed of 800 pieces / min, which meets the high-speed requirements of the production line and has been delivered to customers for normal production.

It is understood that theJiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. hot melt adhesive machine is suitable for the application of high-precision hot melt adhesive. The PLC controlled high-precision control system has the predictive acceleration and deceleration function to ensure the stability of the adhesive quantity in the production line speed change. The multi-functional temperature control module and solid-state relay have higher reliability, versatility and flexibility. The setting, operation and maintenance of the glue machine are simplified to the greatest extent through the menu graphic interface.

Jiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. also developed automatic pressure tracking system, liquid level alarm system, rubber pressure alarm system and many other practical functions. Cross sea research and development of a number of spray guns, whether spray gun or scraper gun can be selected according to different application requirements, with excellent cost performance.

Jiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional excellent supplier of hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. Since the development of business reform in 2014, the company adheres to the service concept of "integrity-based, customer first". In recent years, Jiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. has consistently provided customers with the most sincere and high-quality services. Strive to achieve win-win results with customers in the design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and after-sales service of the equipment; the main engine and series of spray guns Wahrheit all have patent intellectual property rights, perhaps many times more than the domestic counterparts with patented products.

The company has offices in Quanzhou, Zhejiang Kunshan, Hangzhou, Hunan Changsha, Tianjin and other regions in order to maximize customer convenience and satisfaction. Strive for the principle of "quality first, customer first" and "credit first" to serve customers.

Jiangmen Wahrheit Trading Co., Ltd. will continue to provide customers with higher quality products and services as well as personalized needs, welcome to consult.