What is a hot melt glue machine?

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Spray glue machine is another name of hot melt glue machine. It is the way that hot melt glue machine spray glue on the base material, which is commonly known as hot melt glue spray machine. It can also be defined as follows: the solid hot melt adhesive is melted and then transported to the hot melt adhesive pipe and the hot melt adhesive spray gun through the pressure device. It is a kind of mechanical equipment that the liquid glue is applied on the base material in the way of spraying glue to realize the application of gluing, compounding, coating, etc.

There are generally two types of hot melt glue sprayers in our industry:

1: The machine with direct spray head, such as the 5kg machine with double spray heads, can be directly placed on the desktop by stepping on the switch, and different spray heads can be configured to realize spray point, spray screw, spray strip and other glue delivery methods.

2: Hot melt glue machine is configured as glue spraying machine. Generally, it is a host + hose + spray gun. There are many types of mainframe models. The general configuration is 5kg, 10kg and 15kg. According to the different control of the glue gun, the manual glue gun and the automatic glue gun can be selected. The realized glue spraying function is: manual glue spraying or automatic induction glue spraying. The manual glue gun is widely used in the carton sealing. The capacity of the main machine is selected according to the weight of the carton, and the number of glue guns is not determined according to the planned operation of several people at the same time.