Engineering Technician:

1. More than two years working experience in electrician field.

2. Those who are engaged in mechanical equipment and married are preferred.

3. Can bear hardships and stand hard work.

Electronic Technician:

1. Skillfully use electric soldering iron to dismantle components.

2. Understand electronic components and basic applications.

3. Familiar with analog circuit and digital circuit.

Mechanical Engineer:

1. Graduated from mechanical or related major, college degree or above;

2. Mechanical design experience is preferred, familiar with hydrodynamics is preferred;

3. Skillfully use SolidWorks, CAD and other computer drawing software to draw drawings;

4. Strong ability of conception and hard work.

International Trade:

1. Be responsible for international order arrangement, follow up production according to customer's requirement, arrange logistics delivery;

2. Do a good job in the real-time statistical analysis of relevant data and the management of customer files, and be responsible for the collection tracking;

3. Be responsible for the preparation of customs declaration materials and the operation of other foreign trade processes;

4. College degree or above, major in international trade or business English, CET-6 or above, computer proficiency;

5. Mechanical equipment sales experience is preferred;

6. Treatment: base salary + commission (negotiable).