Precautions in using hot melt glue machine

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During the installation and use of the hot melt adhesive machine, there will be some situations that must be paid attention to. What are the detailed precautions during the use? To ensure that you will not be scalded or have other accidents, we should always remember the following five points:

1. When installing and using the hot melt glue machine, other sundries shall not be placed on the machine body or used as a height pad.

2. The use environment of the hot melt glue machine shall be kept clean. There shall be no immiscible solids, impurities, iron filings, screws, wire heads, hard sharp objects and other solids on the pressure plate of the glue machine.

3. When moving or lifting the polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, only its base is allowed to be used as the handling force point. It is not allowed to lift the hot melt adhesive machine with the help of the travel cylinder of the hot melt adhesive machine, the door of the electrical box, the electrical components on the control panel or the rubber conveying pipe of the heat preservation pipe. Abnormal handling will damage the spraying equipment of the hot melt adhesive machine.

4. When moving or carrying the hot melt glue machine, the power must be cut off first to cool the glue in the pressure plate and the glue barrel of the hot melt glue machine before moving.

5. In the process of transportation and handling, the hot melt glue machine must always be vertical. If it is tilted or transported, the positioning accuracy of the hot melt glue machine will be damaged, and the hot melt glue machine may also be damaged.

When you use it, you should pay special attention to the fact that when the skin is scalded by the hot melt glue, you should first keep your head calm, never panic, panic, please do not try to wipe the hot melt glue off the skin, at the same time, immediately soak or rinse the injured part in clean and cold water, until the hot melt glue on the skin is completely cooled So far, when using the hot melt glue machine, we should always pay attention to our own safety.