Advantages of stable performance of hot melt adhesive laminating machine

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Hot melt adhesive can be used for many purposes, such as leather, glass, metal, wood, bags and plastics, medical treatment, textiles, etc., but it is mainly used for packaging (corrugated paper and thick cartons), wireless binding of books, and wood binding, etc.

Hot melt adhesive mainly includes hot melt adhesive block, hot melt adhesive particle, hot melt adhesive strip, hot melt adhesive powder, hot melt adhesive film, hot melt film, hot melt adhesive rod, etc.

1. Hot melt glue particles are mainly used for edge sealing and skin sticking of furniture.

2. The hot-melt rubber block is mainly used for the cover of gift box and hand-held bag.

3. Hot melt rubber powder is mainly used in folders, gift boxes, hardcover books.

4. Hot melt adhesive strip is mainly used in printing and packaging, toys, jewelry, packaging, luggage and other industries.

When the hot melt glue laminating machine is running, the stability is the first concern of the user, the performance stability is the premise, and the subsequent matching with the whole program is also very important. What is the benefit of PUR hot melt glue laminating machine to the customer when its performance reaches a stable level?